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Kanara (Pvt) Ltd is the best SEO Company in Sri Lanka. Either you are considering SEO for local or to contest across the trade, we are here to help you with the best preparation of SEO services. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a controlling process used to increase the visibility of the website and also the number of visits made to the website for the products and services it deals with on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

SEO analysis tells us what are the requirements need to be prepared. Our SEO experts carry out a deep SEO analysis on your business website, competitor’s website, and current market. Based on the analysis we work the best SEO strategy for your website and reach your business goals.

SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords

SEO keywords help to bring more quality traffic to your website which would eventually turn as your customers. SEO Keyword research is a skill. Our SEO experts pick the right keyword by analyzing their capacity, competition and value to your website. We make your clients reach you.

SEO Operation

SEO Operation

Our SEO Company follows by search engine guidelines. Without using any black hat methods and tricks or any paid back link building tricks, we take all the essential procedures within your business website to increase your SEO ranking, reach target audience.

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SEO makes your brand on top of Google

Better working with Knowledge & Passion SEO Experts, As we are team of professional in Digital Marketing like Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Research, Google Advertising, Real Time Analysis and many more. We've been in the SEO industry in Sri Lanka for years now. We're always up-to-date with the newest trade progresses in SEO

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Beat your competitor with our SEO Company

As a leading SEO company Sri Lanka, we have the right skills and capacity to help our customers get to the top of Google (and stay there). SEO plays a major role in making your business website reach to the widest possible audience. And increasing organic traffic from search engines consumes time. Even though it takes longer to see results (usually 3-6 months), the dividends / benefits received are worth the wait if done correctly and perfectly. We are a passionate SEO Consultant that specializes in beautiful and easy-to-use digital design & web development services.

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We’re The Best SEO Company For Your Business

We specialise in Search Engine Optimization services that increase the website's organic Google search results position in order to help the company to compete for the highest ranking. As you would have noticed 'Kanara-SEO' is on top of the Google search results. We believe that we should be able to rank our company first in order to build trust for our customers and also we use only methods approved by Google guidelines.

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Our SEO Company delivers long lasting results

We create content that reinforces your SEO goals, while transforming visitors the organic listings into customers. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. We conscious at the head of technology, motivated by content, and gripped with results. Our team of industry top professionals will support build your brand and establish your company as the top within your niche.

Increases web traffic

Top positions on the search engine result pages receive a majority of the impressions and clicks to the website.

Increases usability

Make your website easier to navigate for the search engines, SEO simultaneously helps to navigable simply.

Increases sales

SEO Increase traffic to the website makes more clicks on products and services as a result sales will increase rapidly.

Online visibility

SEO provides trackable and quantifiable results, regardless of whether you are an ecommerce or non-ecommerce.

Better ROI

Website get 1000 clicks from Organic SEO, 4% of those users will convert into a sale, leading to a better return on investment.

SEO Reduce cost

SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies because it targets users who are looking for your products.

Brand awareness

Since top position in search rankings result in significant impressions, having your website in top positions.

Your Competitors do

SEO is a growing field and it is fast ground. More individuals are opening to realize that the profits of SEO are tremendously high.

What you can expect from our SEO Company

Get an SEO Expert To Audit Your website. Did you just create a website? Then its time for you to run a Technical SEO Audit to find the issues and improve your website performance. Some of our SEO services you might interested in as below.

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, (SEM), Is One Of The Greatest Effective Ways To Raise Your Commercial In An Increasingly Modest Marketplace. With Millions Of Businesses Out There All Contesting For The Same Eyeballs

Pay Per Click Solutions

PPC Is A Prototypical Of Internet Marketing In Which Promoters Pay A Fee Each Time One Of Their Ads Is Clicked. Basically, It’s A Way Of Purchasing Visits To Your Site, Rather Than Trying To Earn Those Visits Organically.

Leads Generation

A Lead Is An Individual Who Has Showed Interest In Your Product/Service In Some Way As A Lead, You'd Hear From A Business With Which You've Previously Undone Statement, Instead Of Getting A Random Call.

Visitor Conversion

A Period Used To Describe The Ratio Of Website Visitors Who Are Transformed From Inactive Visitors Into Active Friends. It Is The Ratio Of Users Who Take A Chosen Action. Inactive Visitors Will Read And Leave.

Content Optimization

This Is The Method Of Make Sure The Content Is Designed In A Way That It Can Influence The Major Target Audience. The Process Of Optimizing Should Contain Keywords, Adding Meta, Title Tags And Links.

Penalty Recovery

Google Penalties Can Be A Main Obstruction, But Regardless Of Why Your Website Gets Hit, You Take Fast And Aggressive Action To Recover Your Organic Search Rankings. If Your Site Has Been Penalized, Don’t Panic.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Is A Free Tool To Analyze Data For Your Customers In One Place. Identify Your Web And Users To Better Appraise The Presentation Of Your Marketing, Content, And More. Get A Deeper Understanding Of Clients.

Website Analytics

Website Analytics Is The Investigation And Reporting Of Web Data For The Sympathetic And Improving Web Tradition. Wit Is Not Just A Process For Measuring Web Traffic But Can Be Used As A Tool For Business.

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Our SEO Process

SEO Business Analysis

Analysis of meta sets and keywords, observable writing and code to review how well you're placed for search engines. Progress of an ordered list of targeted search terms connected to your client base and market section

From recommendation a targeted list of key¬words and expressions. Assessment competitive lists and other relevant industry foundations, You need to realize where you are now in Search engine to assess your rankings

Integrate designated keywords into your website source code and present content on designated pages and also sitemaps can easily be submitted to search engines to Make it easier for search engines to index your website.

Investigate SEO rankings and web traffic to control the success of the plans we have applied, plus calculation of specific keyword performance Continuing adding and alteration of keywords and website content are essential.

SEO Process