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Social Media Marketing Sri Lanka is the practice of a number of outlets and groups to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand or event. Social Media Marketing is similar to search engine optimization, in that the goal is to generate web traffic and increase awareness for a website. Social media can resolve a variety of enterprise problems, from launching your product and producing brand awareness, to producing great leads or in basic terms driving sales. As an professional social media agency, we have an end-to-end information of how to use it to reap your targets and how it integrates with different channels.

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Social media marketing Sri Lanka makes a differenceLike our title recommends, online interacting is our specialty. Outdated marketing and promotion guidelines no longer apply in the modern world of Social Media Marketing Sri Lanka.

As a leading Social Media Marketing Company in Sri Lanka, Our expert professionals will support you to design and implement an organic or paid approach based on general brand and target audience analysis. By using the accurate quality for your related demographic on proper social networks will add worth as a well-positioned creation can rise brand awareness and income generation.

We provide an individual, loving & custom-made service to each and every one of our customers, big or small, based in Colombo or overseas. We toughly trust that there’s no worth in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ method to SEO or SMM. Our Social Media Marketing methods in Sri Lanka are advanced and always anticipate the committed of your consumers and search engines.

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Digital marketing has completely improved the way products network with customer. Nowadays, it’s a serious portion of smart trades ‘digital marketing strategy’ as digital marketing specialists, we have an end-to-end understanding of how to procedure it to reach your aims and how it mixes with extra networks.

We help to raise your trade by finding you new customers through our social media marketing. Our team’s results-driven method to Internet promotion promises measured growth & cost efficiency, We work carefully with products around Sri Lanka, to construct immersive Social Media Marketing involvements. It is our task to generate Social Media Marketing campaigns that are not only advanced and market important - but most significantly, bring profitable success to your business.

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Love it or hate it,social media marketing is one of the fastest growing cultural in Sri Lanka

We will find out how we can make Social Media Marketing work for your business how to reach new customers, strengthen relationships and build a brand. And we will find the top tips for getting your social media marketing done professionally and successfully and learn how to be engaged and engaging.

Kanara (Pvt) Ltd has got detailed understanding in Social Median Marketing Sri Lanka. Our team has operated with several customers and does consulting earlier selecting all services and run their whole Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Our Social Media Marketing approaches own 99.9% achievement rate on regular and we are dedicated to offer you the top outcome possible you have ever experienced. We just don’t set up your Social Media Marketing Campaign but also guarantees maximum Conversion Amount and ROI.

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The goal of Social Media Marketing Sri Lanka is to strategically create interesting online content, Why build an online marketing Sri Lanka for your industry. Because it lets you interact directly with consumers - inviting them to engage with you and share your content.

  • How do we Optimize Social Media Profiles?

    Social Networks Creation, Cover Page Design, Profile Content Writing, Facebook Wall Updates, Timeline Design, Video Creation, Analyze Your Audiences

  • How do we Optimize Social Media Content?

    Original Content, Curated Content, Create a Content Strategy, Articles Writing, Blogs Posts, Social Bookmarking, Social Trending

  • How do we Test Headlines of Social Media Post?

    Create Headlines, Unique Social Media Posting, Press Release Writing, Headline Strategy, Insert Keywords

  • How do we Optimize Social Media Posting?

    Use Images, Hashtags, Post Length, Posting Schedule, Best Time to Post, How Often to Post, Social Media Analytics

Social Media Marketing Frequently asked questions.
No. As attractive as it is to growth your perceptibility by shooting on every social network, a lot of periods it’s too much to take on. Instead of making accounts just for the sake having a profile, get calculated with the systems you choose. For example, if you have the time and capitals to style outstanding videotapes, then you should certainly have a attendance on YouTube so you can segment those videos across the networks your viewers loves most.
Absolutely Not only will it be calmer for you to sponsor your social media grips if they’re steady, but it will also be easier for fans to find and tag you. When usernames are diverse across every web, it can get unclear. Currently it’s not only domain names that substance usernames are just as, if not more, respected in terms of digital real estate. Websites like Knowem tell you whether or not your looked-for username is accessible across several networks.
The type of content that your target audience wants to get. It entirely comes down to knowing your perfect client. If you have a compact thoughtful of their routine, requirements and pain points, it will convert much easier to generate or find applicable content they’re possibly to appreciate and share.
It depends on how your posting rate depends on your properties and target audience. Your target is to get excellence content that your target audience will love in opposite of as many eyes as possible. Never detriment quality for quantity. It’s improved to put zero out there than to issue content that’s subpar. If that means you can only share on Facebook two times per week but they are three certainly good ads that get a lot of visits that’s effortlessly acceptable. Just find a reliable agenda that you can uphold.
It depends, We essentially have an entire post on the best times to post to social media. The realism is there is no solo best time to post in social media. It all depends on the web you’re using and when your target audience is most lively.
By giving public a purpose to follow your business page in social media, nonetheless of which network you’re chatting about, it’s the excellence not quantity of groups that matters. You want followers who will essentially involve with your content, not just improve to your fan count. Since public are blitzed with content from all over the place, you have to stretch them a convincing enough purpose to follow your business or fan page. You’re not just requesting public to follow you. You’re requesting for their consideration which is a restricted resource. Why should they give their care to you instead of someone else
The amount you made from your social operations, minus the amount you invested. Social media ROI can be a complicated subject, and 35% of companies say they have no impression whether or not their social efforts are reimbursing off at all. But calculating the ROI isn’t as problematic as you might think. Keep in attention ROI might look dissimilar depending on your aims. If you’re using social media to get leads, your arrival won’t be the same as it would if you were using it to build brand alertness.
It will but indirectly, one mutual misunderstanding about social media and SEO is that receiving your content shared on social media will help progress your rankings. Google has flat out specified it doesn’t count social shares in its process. Social shares are easy to operate, so they aren’t the most consistent metric to choose the value of a piece of content. However, social media marketing can still benefit your SEO efforts indirectly. You can use social media to link with influencers like bloggers, editors and journalists. These are all individuals that can possibly link to your website in their own content, which can help your SEO.
Facebook is by distant the maximum general platform sellers use for social media promotion. In Social Media Inspector’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 80% of defendants said they use Facebook ads. But, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram (via Facebook), YouTube and other networks suggest promotion as well. Feel free to exam out different platforms to see which works best for your business. In addition to receiving engagement on your posts and rising your fan count, you can also use social media promotion to produce leads, raise your email list or grow more eyes on a portion of content.

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Excessive marketing on social media in Sri Lanka can bring amazing success to your commercial, making dedicated brand believers and even driving leads and sales. Our Social Media Marketing Executives will progress the campaign strategy that will work best for your business and may contain all of the possible facts.

standard Packages can be customized as per your requirements.
  • Manage Social Media Multipal Channels
  • Create Social Media campaigns
  • Create Social Media tracking
  • Monitor Social Media campaigns
  • Tweak Social Media campaigns
  • Social Media Detailed Reporting
  • Social Media Lead Generation
  • Click to Web Social Media Marketing
  • Boost Social Media Posts
  • Promote Social Media Page
  • Click To Call
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Strategy Planning
  • Full Social Media Community Management
  • Social Media Customer Service
  • Advertsing Social Media Campaign Management
  • Behavioral Social Media retargeting
  • Social Media Content creation & design
  • Social Media Complaint care center
  • Social Media Monthly monitoring & Report
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