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SEO is turning into an increasingly more sought after ability for groups who desire to hold song of their rankings in Google's natural search. Our sensible search engine optimisation publications supply you the competencies to combine search engine optimisation into your web advertising method with an appreciation of how search engines work, what humans search for and how to goal your audience.

Who Should Join SEO Course In Sri Lanka

SEO is possibly the most difficult and moneymaking advertising and marketing discipline. Combining data, analytics, content material marketing, and talent with HTML and technical web page optimization, search engine optimisation unlocks the possible of your advertising efforts.


If you are student searching for a job in fairly rewarding online advertising enterprise or any internet based industry, SEO is the key. Students who have passed through SEO Training at Kanara are positioned in many main Companies in Colombo.

Web Designers

Website besides applicable SEO will no longer fetch consequences to your consumer and your consumer will not be glad to comprehend their website is no longer designed with SEO practices. Learning SEO for any Web Designer would be a super assest.


Are you a commercial enterprise proprietor struggling to get extra sales for your business or start-up, Rather than deciding on an luxurious SEO package, you can research and do search engine optimisation yourself. This is the most budget friendly way


If you are searching to generate Part-time profits search engine marketing is a brilliant way of making a part-time money. Freelancers who have been skilled at Kanara (Pvt) Ltd earn somewhere from Rs 50,000 and above monthly. SEO is an added skill.

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Complete Professional SyllabusSEO Course Sri Lanka

All of our SEO trainers are specialists in their area and favor you to get the most out of your search engine marketing course, so you be aware of you are in protected hands. So whether or not you want an introduction to search engine optimisation or desire to study how to produce search engine optimisation pleasant reproduction we have an website positioning route that suits your needs.

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Learn the bestSEO Training Sri Lanka

Our SEO coaching is continually hands-on and we love to work with the authentic web sites of our trainees as adverse to working on widespread demos.

We provide public SEO courses as nicely as company-specific search engine optimisation coaching and are continually blissful to tailor some thing absolutely special to our client’s business’ needs.

Get in contact and let’s chat about how we can assist you, by means of assisting your website Go Up!

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How We DoSEO Training Sri Lanka

This search engine optimisation path covers all these key capabilities and how they coordinate to end up an positive advertising strategy.

  • SEO Training in Sinhala

    We conduct SEO Training in Sinhala to make sure our Sinhala students understand SEO better and get a clear idea about how SEO works so that they can apply the SEO knowledge into live projects.

  • SEO Training in Tamil

    We also conduct SEO Training in Tamil to make sure our Tamil students understand SEO better and get a clear idea about how SEO works so that they can apply the SEO knowledge into live projects.

  • SEO Practice On Projects

    We educate students for interviews and Offer live projects and make them study the result how SEO works. Ideal for graduates with no industry experience, it helps lots of graduate students.

  • SEO Training To Use Tools

    You will not solely attain know-how of web optimization and Advance tools, however additionally attain publicity to Industry high-quality practices, Aptitude & SoftSkills, We supply proper knowledge

SEO Training Frequently asked questions.
SEO Training at Kanara (Pvt) Ltd is designed & performed through SEO specialists with 10+ years of ride in the SEO. Best education with the proper mixture of concept & sensible classes In-depth Course insurance and Affordable fees.
You can contact our office at 0117445 880 or just drop us an email to
We at Kanara agree with in giving individual interest to students so that they will be in a position to make clear all the doubts that occur in complicated and hard topics. Therefore, we avert the size of every SEO batch to 5 or 6 members.
Our courseware is designed to supply a hands-on strategy to the students in SEO. The path is made up of theoretical training that train the fundamentals of every module accompanied via high-intensity realistic classes reflecting the cutting-edge challenges and wishes of the enterprise that will demand the students’ time and commitment.
No worries. Kanara (Pvt) Ltd assures that no one misses single lecture topics. We will reschedule the training as per your comfort inside the stipulated direction period with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that theme with any different batches.
You will receive Kanara (Pvt) Ltd recognized course completion certification mentioning the modules we teach you.
Perform SEO Competitor Analysis, Create SEO Friendly websites that follow SEO best practices, Do SEO audits and implement SEO techniques, Implement the On-Page optimization, Perform the Off-Page optimization, Improve the SEO Technical and User experience factor, Bring SEO traffic to your website

Preparing For Your SEO Training in Sri Lanka

We guarantee to never change the training location, We guarantee to never change the training date, Bright natural daylight and comfortable seating and desks. Our SEO courses are designed to teach our trainees everything that is needed to know to take their websites to the top of Google.

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